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[ je_sales ]

sell more to buy more

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buy/sell je-goods
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All Members , Moderated


&No sales that aren't JE-related.

&No SCAMS; only serious buyers & honest sellers.

&NO SPAMMING; 4 day waiting period between each post.
Ex: Post: Monday
Wait day 1: Tuesday
Wait day 2: Wednesday
Wait day 3: Thursday
Post again: Friday

&Don't delete your previous post before posting again to try to circumvent the 4-day waiting rule; it's unfair to those who do follow the rules and also annoying for those who think this place allows a reprieve from constant spamming.

&LJ-CUT; keep your details under the cut. If the posts take up the screen more than twice in the community main page, it needs to be behind a cut.

&Limit to 2 300x300px previews & avoid oversized fonts-- we don't need to be blinded.

&TAG; use the community's premade tags-- if you want more buyers, make it easier for them to find your posts.

&Leave the drama to the actors.

&Failure to abide by the rules will result in a warning.
3 warnings = loss of posting privileges for 1 week
break a rule after your leave = permanent ban
All duplicate journals created after being banned permanently will be banned and posts deleted without warning.

&IMPORTANT: For the safety of the members of this community, we no longer allow newly created journals OR journals with no seller information (eg. connection to a main user journal, previous feedback, etc) to advertise.

Sister community: je_trades - a trading/swapping community for JE goods

&Any questions should be directed towards mods through pm or e-mail
(sabson29 @ gmail . com)

&Layout: butterflybox

&Scans: Vendy

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