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[Selling] CDS, Magazines and more

Hi everyone, recently I've kind of fallen away from JE and whatnot and have decided to give these items new homes. Thanks

All Prices in USD
Shipping from MT, USA. (Prices do not include shipping), will ship worldwide.
Livejournal feedback here & Ebay feedback here
Prices do not include insurance, but if you'd like registered shipping, it will be 11.50 (international)
Will do trades, but only for the GazettE, alice nine and Duel Jewel items ;)
Everything listed here is legit, I don't do bootlegs
Leave a message here or pm me if you are interested in anything.
Please take this stuff off my hands and I'd rather not use ebay.
Payment methods: Paypal.
Please only serious buyers.
Estimated shipping rates: CDS - $3 (in US),  $6 (international); Magazines - $7 (in US), $14 (international); DVD - $4 (in US), $8 (international); for other items, ask me as I'll need to weigh them.

CDS (sorry for the ugly glare, unfortunately nearly all the cds have some small scratches on them, due to my really bad cd case I was keeping them in, but it does effect playback. And I don't have a really great camera ;_; fyi)

ARASHI - Dream A Live [Regular Edition] (Official Chinese Release) - $15 - In really good condition.

ARASHI - Step and Go Single [Limited Edition] (Korean Release) - $7 - obi included. DVD region 3.

ARASHI - 5X5 The Best Selection of 2002-2004 [Regular Edition] (Chinese Release) - $15

ARASHI - Troublemaker single (Limited Edition) [Japanese Release] - $15 - obi included. DVD region 2 SOLD

Kanjani8 - Musekinin Hero [Limited Edition B] (Japan Edition) - $15 - DVD region 2.

KAT-TUN - RESCUE [Regular Edition] (Japan Release) - $5.

Tegomass - Tegomass no Uta [Limited Edition] (Hong Kong Release) - $17 - DVD region 3.

V6 - Orange [Limited Edition] (Japan Release) - $5.

Kanjani8 - PUZZLE TOUR 2009 Document Edition (3-Disc). Opened, but never played, like new. $35


GQ Japan, February 2010 No.81 - $15 - Bought while in Japan, a little bit of wear on the cover, but otherwise great condition.

Cut January 2010 No.258 Men of the year 2009 (ARASHI) - $10 - Was a little bent when bringing it back in my suitcase, but otherwise great condition.

Freecell vol. 3 Matsumoto Jun - $25 - I ordered this through an third party. There was some bending on the bottom back corner, but otherwise the magazine is in great condition. Only been flipped through a couple of times.

Potato, Feb. 2010 - $6.50 - in pretty good condition. Poster not included.

TV Guide 09.12.19 to 10.01.11 - $4.50 - good condition, a little bit beat up. Poster not included.

TV LIFE 10.01.09 to 10.01.22 - $4.00 - in good condition, poster not included.

POSTERS: (all posters are laminated, that's been taken account of in the price) Due to all of them being laminated I'll have to use poster tubes to send them. (Add $3)

Side A: Yamada Ryosuke/Side B: Kis my ft2 - $7

Side A: Akanishi Jin/Side B: ARASHI - $6

Side A: Aiba Masaki/Side B: Matujun - $7

Side A: KAT-TUN/Side B: Kanjani8 - $7

Side A: Sakurai Sho/Side B: ARASHI - $7

Side A: ARASHI/Side B: Kinki Kids - $7


5x10 Concert Tour, Sho Photoset, 4 pc, $9, only taken out of plastic to take picture.

5x10 Tour Pamphlet, $50, only looked a couple of times, in very good condition. (Note: it's very heavy!)
Tags: cds, concert goods, dvds, group: arashi, group: hey! say! jump, group: johnny's jr, group: kanjani8, group: kat-tun, group: kinki kids, group: v6, magazines, posters, shop photos (official)
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