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Selling clippings (except for some juniors') from the following magazines:
- Popolo 2010.07
- Wink Up: 2006.10, 2009.02, 2009.03, 2010.01, 2010.05, 2010.07, 2010.10, 2011.04 
- Duet: 2006.07, 2006.08, 2008.08, 2009.10, 2010.02, 2010.05, 2010.07, 2010.10
- Potato: 2006.10, 2009.10, 2010.04, 2010.05, 2010.07, 2010.09, 2010.10
- Myojo: 2006.10, 2006.11, 2009.10, 2009.11, 2010.07

Pictures will be taken upon request. Tell me which artist's clippings you want and we'll discuss about the price.

Posters - $2 each 

#1: YamaPi/K8      #2: HSJ/Kis-my-ft2        #3: NYC/BIS


#11: HSJ / KAT-TUN SOLD     #12: Juniors / KAT-TUN($1.50)           #13: Juniors / HSJ ($1.50)


Bandage [with DVD, limited edition] - unopened

$20 shipped within US, Paypal fee is included. For non-US buyer, the CD is $16 excluding shipping.

YamaNade Visual book - $30 shipped within US


Young Song, TV Log, TVixi: $1.00 each


TAP Kids profile card from Daibouken 2006 - $1


Arashi set - $2

NEWS sets - $1.50 for the 1st set, $2.50 for the second set 

HSJ set - $2, the Yuto/Morimoto page corner is ripped a little bit so I reduce the price

Kisumai set - $1

Question? set - $1

- Prices listed are in USD and do not include shipping
- Shipping from U.S.
- Payment: Paypal, concealed cash (at the buyer's own risk)
- Serious buyers only (not dealing with [info]arashi_johnnys as a seller or buyer).
- International buyers: I recommend using Priority Mail® International Flat Rate Envelope - $13.95 for shipping if you buy bundle of clippings and they should be arrived at your place within 10 days. Of course, there's cheaper shipping option but it will take a longer time to reach your place.
- Taking pictures of the clippings: I will take pictures if you are 100% sure that you're going to buy something. I encountered a person who asked me to take pictures of at least 10 magazines and in the end, she didn't buy anything without saying a single word. It was a waste of my time and I don't want that to happen again.
- My feedback is here 
- Please comment below (which item you want to buy, your location/zip code, payment method) and I'll get back to you asap

Thank you~

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