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22 June 2016 @ 06:12 pm
Prices Reduced!  
LOTS OF JE ITEMS PRICED VERY LOW!!! I am hoping to clear space in the next two months along with earning a little bit of money towards my brother's wedding in the summer.

OFFICIAL JE SHOP PHOTO Special! - $0.25 USD each. Please inquire.

Please note the following before purchase:
1. First come, first serve. If first buyer is no longer interested, the item will move to next interested buyer for purchase.
2. Shipping is from the USA. I prefer to ship within the states (as it is cheaper and easily traceable). If you are an interested international buyer, you will need to ask if I am able to ship to your country. For international shipping, first class shipping with tracking is required at minimum. I will not be responsible for lost packages. Shipping will be based on shipping method, weight of package and location where package will be shipped to.
3. Payments can only be made via PayPal. PayPal fee will be added to total. I will ship 2-3 days following the processing of your payment.
3. I have seller feedback via my journal as well as eBay.

 photo 20160118_145429_zpsdcjenggu.jpg

 photo 20150117_142833_zps07bd4a44.jpg

NEWS Nippon LE East and West singles (includes Obi) - $14 each

 photo 20150117_142743_zps7f3f8941.jpg

NEWS singles - $14 each

 photo 20150117_140741_zps1362caab.jpg
KAT-TUN Love Yourself Type A CD/DVD Single - Brand New - $7
KAT-TUN Bokura No Machi De Type A CD/DVD Single - $8
KAT-TUN signal Type A CD/DVD Single - $12
KAT-TUN Yorakobi no Uta Type A CD/DVD - $10
KAT-TUN White Xmas Type A CD/DVD - $5
KAT-TUN One Drop Type A CD/DVD - $5
KAT-TUN Love Yourself Type B CD/DVD (with Akanishi Jin A Page solo) - $8
KAT-TUN Lips Type A CD/DVD - $5
Shuji to Akira LE Seishun Amigo Single - $12

KAT-TUN Limited Edition Real Face Singles - All Brand New and Sealed
 photo 20150117_140826_zpse1fcc9b1.jpg
Jin Version - $6
Koki, Ueda, Maru - $5
Junno - Sealed but has crack on back case - $6

KAT-TUN First Press Regular Edition Singles - Have extra 3rd track
 photo 20150117_141024_zpse26f05d9.jpg
KAT-TUN One Drop - Brand New - $4
KAT-TUN Lips - $3
KAT-TUN Keep the Faith - $4
KAT-TUN Rescue - $4
KAT-TUN Don't U Ever Stop - Ueda/Maru Ver. - $6
KAT-TUN Don't U Ever Stop - Kame/Junno Ver. - $5

 photo 20150117_141351_zps733ecdde.jpg
KAT-TUN LE Real Face Album - $30
KAT-TUN cartoon KAT-TUN II You - $10 each
KAT-TUN Break the Records First Press - Brand New -$18
KAT-TUN Rescue Type A CD/DVD - $11

NEWS Limited Edition First Press Concert DVD - $38 (Live Diamond available)
 photo 20150117_141736_zpse5fb2c91.jpg

Akanishi Jin Yellow Gold Tour DVD - $10
 photo 20150117_141802_zps90502f9b.jpg

 photo 20150117_141931_zps1cf5a60a.jpg
TegoMasu Miso Soup LE CD/DVD - $8
TegoMasu Kiss LE CD/DVD - has crack on back - $8
TegoMasu Tegomass no Uta LE CD/DVD album - $15
TegoMasu - Ai Ai Gasa LE CD/DVD - $7
TegoMasu - Tanabata Matsuri CD/DVD - $5

 photo 20150117_142035_zpsabac307e.jpg
Arashi Truth Type A CD/DVD- $18
Arashi Truth Type B CD/DVD - $7
Arashi One Love CD/DVD - $7
Arashi Step and Go CD/DVD - $18
Arashi Beautiful days CD/DVD - $7

 photo 20150117_142610_zpsd838160a.jpg
GYM - Fever to Future LE Single - $6
NEWS Taiyou no Namida LE Single - Brand New - $7
NEWS Koi no ABO LE CD/DVD single (Brand New) - $8
NEWS LE Happy Birthday Single - crack on back of case - $3
NEWS Taiyou no Namida First Press Regular Edition - $3
NEWS LE Live Album CD/DVD - $5
NEWS Summer Time LE Single - $5
Yamapi LE Hadakanbo Single - $3

 photo 20150117_141840_zps02a8184b.jpg
20th Century Type A and B versions (Brand New) - $5 each
V6 way of life Type A - $5
V6 Thunderbird Single - $3
Kanjani8 Kungfu Fighting missing Ryo bracelet - $2
Tackey and Tsubasa 2wenty 2wo album - $2

Official JE Concert Posters - $6 each includes handling cost for packaging (Poster tube, etc)
 photo 20160118_145429_zpsdcjenggu.jpg photo 20150327_073930_zpsiklsnkyw.jpg
 photo 20150327_074928_zps59wtieg8.jpg
 photo 20150327_074137_zpst0ymyzxu.jpg
 photo 20150327_075536_zpsrckwv7lp.jpg
 photo 20150327_074524_zpsyeh8n5j1.jpg

 photo 20150327_075039_zpspzzwkxrd.jpg

Official Concert Clearfiles - $3 USD each
 photo 20150327_080216_zps7xn5qf5u.jpg

Official NEWS 2007-2008 Calendar $4 USD
 photo 20150327_080428_zpsfrrhexcv.jpg

Thanks for looking!